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After a short briefing about the boat and the cruise will be given to our guests who enter the sailboat on Saturday afternoon, we will do your shopping at the market in the marina and put them on the boat. In order to save time, your orders from the Virtual Market can be brought to our boat before you arrive. We will leave Ecesaray Marina at around 15.00 in the afternoon and reach Turunç Pınarı Bay after about an hour's cruise. This private bay, which has no land access, is like an oasis where mountains and sea meet.



We will get up early in the morning and go to Butterfly Valley, which is a 1st degree protected area, 2 hours away, to have our breakfast. After having breakfast on our boat in the valley, which is a real wonder of nature, we will have time to swim and explore the valley. When you go into the valley in spring, you can see the Tiger Butterflies (Euplagia quadripunctaria), which gave its name to this place. In the afternoon, we will cruise to Ölüdeniz, the tourism face of Turkey. After the swimming and lunch break we will give here, our guests can experience Paragliding in Babadağ. Also known as Gemile Island, St. We will anchor at Nicholas. You will love the crystal clear blue sea, the ruins of churches from the 5th-11th centuries AD on the island, the remains of early Christianity and the Byzantine Empire, and the magnificent sunset view!



After breakfast, we will cross the Fethiye Bay and after a 3-hour cruise, we will arrive at Ağa Harbour, which is the overnight stop of the long-distance boats in the bay. There are beautiful paths for walking in the bay, which has a clear water due to its structure connected to the open sea at the very end of the bay.

In the afternoon, we will enter the beautiful bays on our way and pass to Hamam Bay, one of the most famous of Göcek bays. The ruins of the Byzantine monastery and the Cleopatra Bath await us in the bay. You can walk to the ancient city of Lydae, which you can reach with a half-hour walk, or you can surrender yourself to the blue waters where Cleopatra once bathed in beauty.



Now that we are in the inner bays of Göcek, we can act according to our pleasure and after breakfast visit the bays such as Göbün bay with a nice restaurant, rock tombs and ancient ruins, Pig Island with a wonderful view and the sea, a sandy beach and Church ruins, and visit coves such as Killebükü in the evening. We will anchor in Taşyaka (Bedri Rahmi) Bay, where Bedri Rahmi Eyüpoğlu and his friends were very impressed in the 70s, when his dream of traveling began.


DAY 5 (WEDnesday)

Today, we will visit Tersane Island, the largest island in Fethiye Bay, and visit the old Greek settlements and shipyard ruins that were abandoned after the population exchange.



Today, we will visit Yavansu Bay, which looks like a different world with its rich underwater world, calmness and clarity, and we will anchor in Sarsala Bay, which has the widest sandy beach of Göcek bays and is surrounded by high pine forests to go to bed in the evening.



After breakfast, we will go to Yassıcalar, which is the symbol image of Göcek bays in all catalogues, consisting of many islands, with a pleasant cruise. After visiting the bays of Boynuz Bükü and Kargılık, and seeing the island of Göcek, which makes Göcek such a popular marina, we are on the way to Fethiye harbor with the Red Sea on our way. We will stop by the island and enter the marina around 12:00 - 13:00 in the afternoon.

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