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Yacht Name         :                                      Rental Period              :

Type of Yacht        :                                      Number of Crews        :


On the one hand; Ihlamurkuyu Mah. Gumussuyu Cad. A1 Blok No: 8/J Flat: 19 Ümraniye/Istanbul with tax identification number 3881472017 FREYA Yachting ve Turizm ve Tic. Ltd. Sti. (hereinafter referred to as “FREYA”) and on the other hand; _____________________________________________________________________ resident at _____________________________________________________ (hereinafter referred to as “TENANT”) have agreed on the following matters regarding the charter of the yacht mentioned above.


FREYA agrees to allocate the yacht described above to the RENTER between ….../…./202… and ….../…../202… (6 Nights in total).



This rental is equivalent to a total of #___________TL/Euro. The payment schedule to be made is as follows.

EARNEST MONEY      :     _________ TL/Euro  ……/…../202…  

BALANCE       :     _________ TL/Euro  ……/…../202…  (Cash before boarding)



FREYA is obliged to deliver the vessel fully equipped, in working condition, together with the necessary crew and fully resupplied to the RENTER at 15:00 on ….../…../202… at Fethiye Ecesaray Marina.

If FREYA fails to deliver the named boat on the above-mentioned delivery date, the TENANT chooses one of the following behaviors at its sole discretion:

a) extending the rental period by delay, if the next rental date is appropriate;

b) fail to pay for the delay;

c) If the delay exceeds 24 hours, cancel the contract and collect the payments made,

RENTER yacht at the latest ….../…../202…  day at 10:00, at Fethiye Ecesaray Marina, without any debt or obligation, and return it to FREYA with all its equipment. In case of delay, FREYA for each day of delay  is entitled to an additional fee. If the TENANT delivers the yacht before the date indicated in this contract, he cannot request a refund of the rental fee for the period he has not used the yacht.

6.   NUMBER OF PASSENGERS: The TENANT cannot accept more than 6 (SIX) people on the yacht.  



The service guarantee we will offer as FREYA is in line with its quality service obligations. Reservations and contracts approved as FREYA have been made taking into account the agreements and conditions determined in accordance with Turkish Laws.

FREYA's responsibilities are limited. The service to be provided, outside of our company, health problems, weather opposition, etc. FREYA cannot be held responsible under any circumstances. Such losses or expenses have to be accepted by the customer.

In case the said service cannot be provided outside of our company (boat breakdown, etc.), FREYA is obliged to offer you the opportunity to continue your holiday with a comparable boat with the same quality and comfort within 36 hours. After delivery, the yacht undergoes a mechanical breakdown or fire, etc., in a way that the RENTER cannot use. If the situation exceeds 36 hours continuously, the payment corresponding to this period is returned to the TENANT by FREYA, regardless of the time of the trip. In this case, the TENANT has to cancel the contract or if the TENANT and FREYA mutually agree, FREYA has to allocate a suitable boat with the same standards and price.

It is FREYA's responsibility to ensure that all legal documents of the yacht are complete and valid, and that the legally required yacht personnel are employed. FREYA undertakes to ensure that the personnel are cleanly dressed, the yacht is well-maintained, and that the toilets and cabins are cleaned every day, within the aforementioned periods.

FREYA gives the necessary instructions to the yacht captain in line with the requests of the RENTER. Captain; The yacht will act in accordance with the instruction of the RENTER unless it decides a situation that will endanger the passengers and crew or hinder the return on the agreed date. The last word is the captain.

FREYA undertakes that it will give utmost importance to the privacy of its customers and will never share their personal information with third parties.



-   Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the yacht, you are kindly requested to be sensitive in this regard. Smoking is allowed on the deck, but in windy weather, it is requested to be careful and take the utmost care to avoid any undesirable situations.

-   The crew is NOT responsible for the safety of children. Individuals under the age of 18 must be under constant supervision by their parents.

-   Toilet paper must be thrown into the wastebasket. Care should be taken not to throw foreign objects into the toilet bowls.

-   Service boats and water sports equipment should not be used without the knowledge of the captain.

-   The yacht cannot be abandoned or jumped into the water without the express permission of the captain. E.g; Jumping into the water during the yacht's docking/mooring maneuver can be fatal. Wait for the captain's express permission.

-   Goods and substances that are prohibited to be transported and used according to Turkish laws cannot be brought to the yacht.

- Passengers will be verbally reminded of the rules to be followed on board the yacht. Nevertheless, FREYA will not be responsible for any disruptions that may occur due to these reasons.



The equipment, ship and crew are insured by the yacht owner against fire, collision and other marine accidents, without imposing any liability on the RENTER for any accident or loss. If, for any reason, the owner of the yacht does not carry out the insurance procedures, all responsibility belongs to him.

FREYA advises the TENANT to take out vacation and health insurance. The insurance policy mentioned above does not cover the damages to the TENANT. FREYA cannot be held responsible for any damages to the TENANT.

The RENTER is responsible for all damages and losses that the RENTER and its accompanying persons may cause to the yacht and the equipment and equipment on the yacht during the tour. The yacht owner can only indemnify the damage and losses from the RENTER, as well as the RENTER who caused the damage has the right to direct the responsibility to those accompanying him. In this case, the TENANT and those accompanying him become joint debtors and several guarantors for each other due to damages and losses.



Domestic transitlog, start and end port costs, boat fuel and engine oil, captain's services, crew's wages, yacht utility water, cleaning.


Food and beverage, water sports, joker boat fuel, international transitlog, port costs, international departure and entry procedures.



The request for date change is considered as "cancellation" by the TENANT. In case of a date change request; mutual agreement according to the yacht's availability is our priority. If the TENANT wishes to cancel the rental, the cancellation/refund policy is as follows:


From the rental start date;

a) 25% of the prepayment for cancellations made 90 days or more

b) 50% of the prepayment for cancellations made 89-60 days before

c) 75% of the prepayment for cancellations made 59-30 days before

d) 100% of the prepayment for cancellations made 29-15 days before

e) For cancellations made 14-0 days before, 100% of the total rental price is collected from the TENANT.


In case of cancellation, refund; within 30 days after the cancellation date.

In cancellations made by FREYA, all payments made until the cancellation are returned to the TENANT.


In case of legal force majeure (epidemic, fire, natural disasters, war, rebellion, etc.), the period until the force majeure and its consequences disappear will be added to the periods in the provisions of this contract. If this period exceeds the charter (rental) price, the contract will terminate automatically. FREYA has no responsibility in this case.



If the suggestions of an arbitrator determined together, the problems arising from not complying with this contract do not yield results, they are resolved in Muğla Courts.

This contract is valid from the moment the prepayment is made.

The above-mentioned parties and their several heirs, those responsible for executing their wills, their managers and proxies determined by civil law, declare that they will fully comply with this contract.

This Agreement consists of 15 articles and 3 pages and was signed in 2 (two) copies by mutual agreement of the Parties on ___/___/2021. 

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